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"From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries"

 THE BEST PRICES, BIGGEST RANGE, GREAT QUALITY. Established in Australia 1990.

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I am away Jan-Feb 2017 doing in-country courses to complete my degree in Development & Sustainability. There are some happy elves willing to help get orders out so please email me and let us see what is possible. Blessings and wishing us all good things throughout 2017.

All your VEGAN, non-toxic, sustainable, natural, chemical free bedding range is here.

KAPOK FILLED HEAVENLY HEAD PILLOWS with CALICO or Poly-Cotton with zip or ORGANIC COTTON using fabric from Blessed Earth, with zip, shells. Doona's, duvet's, comforters, quilts kapok filled using OEKO-TEXT fabric shells. All made and filled here in Australia. Mattresses naturally non-toxic and all with the smallest eco-footprint of any fiber available.

  We are using a new 'blowing' technique that adds an extra dimension of comfort to our already heavenly products

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Kapok is making a comeback. Today we are looking to surround ourselves with more healthful things. We are demanding products that have integrity. We are interested in eco fibers that are non toxic, sustainable and well suited to the purpose they are intended. Kapok fulfills all these criterion. The worlds best naturally organic ECO FIBER is soft yet supportive, naturally anti-bacterial so dust mites cannot live in it, will not mould and chemical free. Kapok lasts for decades and you can put it on the garden when you are finished with it. KAPOK easily re-fluffs when placed in direct sunlight or warmed in a dryer with a tennis ball or two.

Our HEAVENLY HEAD ECO PILLOW cradles the neck and head. Made here in Australia your pillow can be tailored for low, medium or high loft at no extra cost. And our HEAVEN SENT ECO MATTRESS & ECO COT MATTRESS are soft yet supportive.

Because we make the doona's here in Australia we are able to offer a personalised service. We have noted that in some couples one of the partners sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold....we have a solution, for a little extra we can make your queen or king size doona 1/2-1/2, in other words we can make one side of it with summer weight kapok fill and the other half with winter weight. Tailor made doona's. Send us an email with your requirements and we will contact you.

Initially perceived by some to be firm at first, users soon note that Kapok mattresses soften with use. Kapok pillows and mattresses have been known to lessen snoring and many claim a deeper sleep. Kapok is a natural fibre and it is possible to have an allergic response. Asthmatics should be mindful of this.

Our range includes pillows, doona's, duvet, comforter, quilt, mattresses, cot mattress, body, sleep, pregnancy, yoga bolsters, neck & lumbar rolls, baby belly rolls, mediation/yoga/zen thai shiatsu mats & zafu in calico shell. We offer Grades 1 Kapok Fiber in varying quantities for you to create your own fabulous kapok products. Ideal non-toxic fill for soft toys. We have Certified Organic Cotton Shell pillows filled with yummy grade one kapok and a zipper down the side. All our products except mattresses and mats are made and filled here in Australia using our unique blowing technique which gives extra loft and softness to kapok's already luscious qualities.

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From Indonesia = low eco miles.

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Brunswick Heads Health Foods NSW, Eco Lateral in S.A. are current stockists. Ask your local health food supplier or yoga school if they would like to have our fabulous kapok products.

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