HEAVEN SENT MATTRESS – The Ultimate in Natural Organic Sleep

Offering 2 sizes of mattress & Cot mattress filled with freshly cleaned Naturally Organic Kapok Fiber in a cotton shell   

Sleeping on freshly packed kapok has been likened to sleeping on air. Initially perceived by some as firm at first kapok softens with use. Our mattresses are light and easy to handle. They have been filled with luscious Kapok that is a wonderful sustainable alternative to chemically treated cotton, wool or synthetics. Naturally organic Kapok is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic with its own anti-bacterial properties so dust mites cannot live or breed. Kapok is water and moisture resistant so will not mold and is soft yet supportive. The fiber comes from the fallen seed pod of a majestic rainforest tree that needs no cultivating, chemicals or fertilizers. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade natural fiber fill.

Place your orders by emailing us sales@kapokpillows.com.au or call us 07 54491498 with your name and delivery address and the size and number of mattresses and we will invoice you with payment details or you can use the shopping cart on www.timortreasures.com go to KAPOK in categories on the left side of the page. Payment through EFT or DD is preferred. Please add 2.5% if paying using Paypal or Paymate.

SINGLE = 195cm long x 75cm wide x 17cm deep - 8kg. = $575ea. – includes posatage to anywhere in Australia.

Join 2 together to create a Queen size bed - please measure you bed to make sure the sizes are compatible.


KING SINGLE = 205cm long x 90cm wide x 17cm deep - 9kg. = $675 ea.  – includes postage to anywhere in Australia

Join 2 together to create a King size please measure your bed to make sure the sizes are compatible.


COT = 130cm long x 70cm wide x 7cm deep - 4kg. = $350ea. includes freight to anywhere in Australia

 Comes with a Free Organic Cotton shell Kapok filled Baby sleep Pillow.


You can also check out our massage/meditation/daytime/shiatsu/portable mats at the end tab for ZAFU etc.

Because of the huge freight costs of shipping full size mattresses we have chosen to offer you three quarter and single size mattresses. Two of these side by side make up the same size as Queen and King size mattresses. Please measure up your bed base. Having two mattresses of this size makes them light enough to easily lift for rotation and to carry outside to place in direct sunlight which will re-fluff them. Kapok is a natural fiber and will compact with use however amongst its many advantages Kapok's distinct advantage over cotton and wool (apart from being a fraction of the weight) is that it will puff up again when placed in direct sunlight. Monthly is preferable but not critical.

If placing two Kapok mattresses onto a flat slat futon base with no ridged sides a fitted sheet or doona cover will keep them together or we can make you a giant (pillow) mattress case to contain them. Clients have had great success using a quilt cover to hold the 2 mattresses side by side.

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40cm Roll 55cm Roll as a massage Roll as a massage Roll

Our range includes pillows, mattresses, cot mattress, mediation/yoga/zen thai shiatsu mats, zafu & zabuton in calico shell. We offer quantities of GRADE 1 KAPOK fiber in varying quantities for you to create your own fabulous kapok products. Ideal non-toxic fill for soft toys. We also have Certified Organic Cotton Shell pillows filled with grade one kapok and a zipper down the center of the back that is made here in Australia.

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